3 New PDR Classes at Calgary Training Facility

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WD Co-Auto is proud to partner with DCC Hail to offer three unique Canadian based Training Programs designed for the Hail and OEM Repair Industry.  Our partnership will propel your profitability within Hail Repair and Estimation as well as OEM Push-to-Paint Repair.  Our program is curriculum and apprenticeship based tailored to our attendees from across Canada and focused toward long-term success and follow-up education. For more specific information, overview of timelines, costs, locations, pre-requisites, etc. please contact us at training@wdcoauto.com.

PDR Hail Repair (15 Day Course)

The focus of this class is Hail Damage repair and will be the first step in the apprenticeship program. The training provided is conducted by the industries most respected and experienced PDR Professionals in Canada. They bring fast knowledge, technique, fundamentals and tooling to offer one of a kind PDR Training.

OEM Push-to-Paint Training/Door Ding Repairs (7 Day Course)

The specific training is focused and designed for the collision repair industry to streamline small dent and push-to-paint processes as well as Door Ding Repairs and reconditioning used cars.  This training is directed towards OEM Compliance and Certified Repair Processes to ensure inner panel coatings are not compromised during the repair process.

PDR Estimation / Quality Control (5 Day Course)

This course is designed for persons that will be estimating when PDR is required.  This class is focused to identify and effectively prepare and submit estimates to your insurance provider as well as your customer’s insurance carrier to help maximize profits via; detailed estimation, reduced re-do’s, computer generated estimates.  A portion of the education is based upon PDRMAX™ estimating software, this system allows you to create professional more accurate PDR estimates for any insurance company electronically.  Additionally, we teach Quality Control, how to determine if the repair was done correctly, common mistakes, signs of a poor repair, and how to bring your repair to the next level.

All the above classes are first come first serve basis with a waiting list available.  In the event there are large wait times, we may offer additional classes at other locations to help service our customers. For more specific information, overview of timelines, costs, pre-requisites, etc. please contact us at training@wdcoauto.com.

PDR Estimation and Quality Control [CTF]